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Amazing Grazing Table

Posted on October 24, 2019

We just checked the calendar, and … !!! … hellooooo, holiday season. You know what that means. Remember to breathe. Make lists. Plan ahead. And include everyone available for help getting things done.

That includes the kids. The upside here is not just the old adage of many hands make light work. Rather, if the kids are working with you, you don’t have to come up with and monitor other activities. Even better, you’re able to harness all of that energy and creativity.

Here’s a big idea. Let the kids prepare the snacks. Specifically, let them build what we call a grazing table.

What is a Grazing Table?

A grazing table isn’t exactly a charcuterie board. They’re similar, but charcuterie boards tend to be fancier and adult oriented. 

Grazing tables, on the other hand, appeal to people of all ages and are meant for snacking. And if you build a plant-based grazing table, everyone can eat freely.

Our dairy-free slices are easy for kids to work with, and we have six kinds. Cheeze sticks always win smiles, and blocks give you even more flavor choices. Just cut the blocks ahead of time before arranging begins.

And how exactly does the arranging process proceed? Simply tell the kids that making a grazing table is just like painting but with food. Tell them, make me a masterpiece with this palette of your favorite snacks. Or build a city. Or construct a lunar colony. Or grow a rain forest with pretzel jaguars and grape sloths. The kids can take it from there (perhaps with some on-the-fly snacking to maintain energy levels). Best of all, when guests come over, your grazing table gurus can proudly say, “I built this!”  

3, 2, 1…build. Create. Share a laugh with your young artists. Holiday joy is yours for the grazing.


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