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Apple and Cheeze Pairing

Posted on September 8, 2016

Did you know there are more than 7,500 varieties of apples grown worldwide? At most grocery stores or orchards, you’ll find a dozen favorites or so, perennial all-stars along with a newer name or two just starting to emerge or grow in popularity. But even with a smaller selection to choose from, apples are much like wines in the way certain varieties pair with different kinds of cheese. Earlier this month, we matched up Honey Crisp apples with our dairy-free smoked gouda style block in a great new Fall Harvest Salad. With freshly harvested apples in abundance everywhere right now, it’s time to explore this perfect pairing along with three more.

Honey Crisp + Smoked Gouda — Wonderfully sweet and crisp, Honey Crisp apples counterbalance the full, complex flavors of our dairy-free Smoked Gouda Style block.

Gala + Cheddar — Gala apples are a go-to favorite for snacking, and so is our dairy-free Cheddar Style block. The mild, sweet flavor of the apple pairs well with rich, balanced cheddar.

Pink Lady + Monterey Jack — Juicy and a bit tart with a sweet finish, Pink Lady apples are instant BFF’s with our dairy-free Monterey Jack Style block.

Granny Smith + Jalapeño Harvarti — A famously tart apple calls for an expressive cheese with just the right amount of kick. You’ll love this combo.

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