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Be Ready for the Holiday Rush With Plant-Based Backups

Posted on December 3, 2019

You’re ready. You’re making your lists and checking them twice. The food you’re planning for the holidays this year will be the best ever. If you close your eyes, you can see the smiling faces and gratitude of family and friends for the meals you’ve prepared and served. It’s going to be great. It’s going to be amazing. It’s going to be … wait … did I forget to set the oven timer?

Open the windows!

When the smoke clears, everyone can see that dinner didn’t quite turn out the way you expected. This is not a oh-well-we’ll-just-scrape-off-the-charred-parts scenario. What the moment calls for is a delicious, convenient backup loaded with flavor, and here’s how to turn what-now into want-more. The oven is already hot, so just slide in Daiya plant-based pizza. We’ve got something for everyone, from Cheeze Lover’s and Fire-Roasted Vegetable to Meatless Meat Lovers. Check out all eight flavors. And psssst! Set the timer this time.

Can’t make ME smile

The saying goes it takes 43 muscles to frown but only 17 to smile. As certain as December follows November, there will be occasions during the holiday season when youngsters (and even some oldsters) will flex all 43 facial muscles and lock them tight. Be ready. Right next to the Daiya pizzas you’re keeping in the freezer, you’ll also want a supply of our dairy-free dessert bars. Bold or sublime, smooth or crunchy. They’re a very smooth solution to grouchiness of all kinds and a welcome plant-based dessert anytime.

I’m so sorry, but …

Your invitation said bring a friend, and right before dinner you find out the friend’s friend has food ingredient sensitivities or dietary preferences. No prob. Totally chill. You got this because you have Daiya Cheezecake chilling in the fridge. Pure creamy indulgence. And for a limited time only during the holiday season, our four year-round flavors are joined by Pumpkin Spice! Everyone eats freely when it’s plant-based, and our New York Cheezecake is delicious on its own or with an infinite number of toppings or sides. Seconds will be served.

Ready for the holidays? Now you are because plant-based backups are a busy cook’s and a welcoming host’s best friend. Treat yourself to a dessert bar too, and savor the season.


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