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The Best Thing Since Plant-Based Cheeze

Posted on January 9, 2017

Lift a glass to gluten-free beer and the brewers who brew it. It wasn’t that long ago that sipping a pint of gluten-free suds meant searching all over town. These days, thankfully, your options are increasingly abundant and always delicious. We like to say that gluten-free beer is the best idea since plant-based cheeze and dairy-free pizza, and since beer and pizza are soulmates of the highest order, a closer look at ideal pairings is in order. We’ve covered wine and cheeze. Think of the suggestions below for gluten-free beer and Daiya pizza as a starting point for your own explorations. Take your time. Savor the possibilities. We’ll keep making the pizza. You keep the brews hopping.

Beer & Dairy-Free Beer Pairings

three glasses of beer in front of three slices of pizza on a table

Fire-Roasted Veggie = American Pale Ale

Meatless Pepperoni Style = Amber Ale

Margherita = Blonde Ale


three slices of dairy-free pizza in front of three pints of beer on a table

Supreme = Stout

Cheeze Lover’s = Pilsner

Spinach & Mushroom = IPA


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