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Casserole Then And Now. Go Plant-Based!

Posted on October 31, 2018

Whether you call this signature dish a casserole, hotdish, delight or supreme, it’s been a part of our social fabric for decades. But beyond looking for the best plant-based casserole recipes, have you ever wondered about the history behind this crowd-pleasing classic? You may be surprised to learn it’s a reflection of the technology surrounding Read on …


Why You Should Include More Fruit In Your Plant-Based Diet By Whitney English MS, RDN, CPT

Posted on July 13, 2018

Fruit is called nature’s candy for a reason — it’s delicious! But unlike candy people make that’s packed with processed sugar (and little else), fruit comes packaged with a bunch of beneficial components aside from its natural sweetness.   A major benefit of fruit is its fiber content. Fiber has been shown to aid in Read on …


Fusion Food Supreme: The Mighty Jackfruit

Posted on April 28, 2017

Southern Asia. Mexico. Texas. It takes something big to span that kind of range, but one fruit easily makes the journey. Jackfruit. When we said big, we meant it. It’s not just the largest tree-borne fruit in the world. Amazingly, jackfruit has become big in all kinds of cooking.   A recent interview on The Read on …


Pomegranates, For Luck

Posted on December 20, 2016

Many food traditions view pomegranates as a lucky food. The abundant seeds, for instance, represent prosperity in some cultures and fertility in others. We just know that if your menu for New Year’s Day is plant-based, you’re already doing a lot to welcome 2017 with health and vitality. Here’s a great winter salad featuring pomegranates Read on …


Fall Cheezecake Sauces

Posted on September 9, 2016

Plain cheezecake is delicious, but you can also incorporate your favorite fall flavors to add a little extra wow to dessert. Here are links to three decadent fall inspired toppings from our test kitchen: Chocolate – Make a sinfully delicious chocolate sauce with only five ingredients! Caramel –  Salted caramel is not just for apples, Read on …


Apple and Cheeze Pairing

Posted on September 8, 2016

Did you know there are more than 7,500 varieties of apples grown worldwide? At most grocery stores or orchards, you’ll find a dozen favorites or so, perennial all-stars along with a newer name or two just starting to emerge or grow in popularity. But even with a smaller selection to choose from, apples are much Read on …

Cooking with Daiya Tips

Romeo and Julieta

Posted on August 16, 2016

When you’re in Brazil and you hear the names Romeo and Julieta, they probably aren’t talking about Shakespeare’s famous star-crossed lovers. Instead, they are probably talking about two ingredients that make the perfect dessert, goiabada and cheese. Goiabada is a thick guava paste that is often paired with cheese for a sweet and savory treat. Read on …


Road trip! Plant-based snacks go the distance

Posted on June 5, 2016

It’s summer, and families are on the go. For day trips close to home or cross-country jaunts, delicious snacks keep everyone smiling as the miles roll by. And guess what? Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have to say good-bye to plant-based yumminess. Our blocks, cream cheeze classics and slices go where Read on …


Paired for Perfection

Posted on May 2, 2016

Wine and cheese are natural allies in plant-based meals both simple and sublime. The question is, what goes with what? Ultimately, your own taste buds call the shots, and there’s no harm in experimenting. But let’s say the book club is coming over. Or you’re thinking about appetizers for an upcoming party. Here are a Read on …


Your Guide to Weeknight Dinner Success

Posted on April 21, 2016

Ready. Set. Shop. We created the perfect grocery list for anyone who loves plant-based meals and is looking for easy new weeknight dinners. It’s free. And it includes all the ingredients and recipes you need to make three great-tasting meals. Download and enjoy!


Your Favorite Junk Foods Get a Dairy-Free Makeover

Posted on April 1, 2016

We try to eat as healthfully as possible, but we all have those snacks that we crave from time to time – those snacks that we label as “junk food” but keep loving all the same. Those snacks that just seem to satisfy in a way that no other food can. Here at Daiya, we Read on …


How to Make Dairy-Free Sour Cream

Posted on February 25, 2016

It’s not a product that Daiya makes, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love it! A cool, creamy, dairy-free sour cream puts the perfect finishing touch on a taco or quesadilla, and it can also be used in baking (recipes for cheesecake and coffee cake often call for sour cream.) There are quite a few Read on …

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