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Cheers for Plant-Based Charcuterie

Posted on January 10, 2019

In your mind’s eye, the words “charcuterie board” probably conjure up mental images of cured meats paired with cheeses. But if you let the imagination explore other avenues, the idea of 100% plant-based nibbling and noshing becomes irresistible. And for good reason: plant-based means everyone can eat freely. Consider the following as starting points for creative new combinations.

Trending Toward Savory

Be bold. Pair our Jalapeño Havarti Style Blocks with other savory delights such as pickled veggies, fresh mustards, olives, tapenade, wasabi peas and hummus. Along with oil olive, you could include Daiya Homestyle Ranch Dairy-Free Dressing for a goes-with-everything, dairy-free dip.

Sweeten the Deal

There’s nothing that says a charcuterie board can’t include sweet foods, too. Fresh or dried berries are always a hit. Grapes, apple slices and mandarin oranges add color and contrasting flavors. Monterey Jack Style Block and Mozzarella Style Slices are definite crowd-pleasers, as is our Strawberry Cream Cheeze Style Spread on crostinis.

Celebrating the Season

In addition to savory or sweet flavors as an organizing theme, why not go seasonal? A charcuterie board at the height of summer could include all kinds of fresh sliced veggies paired with our Provolone Style Slices. In mid-winter, you could include pickled beets or carrots, roasted parsnips and artisan sauerkraut or kimchi with our Smoked Gouda Style Slices.

Locals Only

Take inspiration from your local farmer’s market for this theme. What flavorful charcuterie board could you create with ingredients available only from growers in your region, state or province? Obviously, the season comes into play, too. But the fun thing about this kind of charcuterie board is it always keeps changing. Our Medium Cheddar Style Farmhouse Blocks and Provolone Style Slices pair well with nearly anything you’ll find at the market.

And let’s see … what have we forgotten? Oh, yes—wine! Charcuterie plates and wine are made for each other. Check a previous blog post on wine and cheeze for suggested pairings.

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