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Dairy-Free Nachos for National Nachos Day

Posted on February 24, 2016

Not only is it Friday (many people’s favorite day of the week) but it also happens to be National Nachos Day – and we can’t wait to celebrate with one of our favorite cheezy dishes. To get you as ready as we are, here are some of our favorite dairy-free nacho recipes:

Loaded Vegan Nachos

Loaded Vegan Nacho Recipe, from Homemade Levity

This is a recipe for all the veggie lovers out there! These nachos feature plenty of garden-fresh ingredients (think tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, lime, olives and chopped cilantro) as well as deliciously dairy-free Daiya Shreds.

Daiya Beer Cheese Nachos

Daiya Beer Cheese Nacho Recipe, from That Was Vegan?

Beer in nachos? It might sound like a strange combination, but it works! If you’re looking for a delightfully decadent way to celebrate this food-forward holiday, we recommend giving this recipe a shot. You could even make it gluten-free by using gluten-free beer and flour, if needed.

Slow-Cooked Black Bean Nachos

Slow-Cooked Black Bean Nacho Recipe, from Vegan Miam (pictured)

What sets this recipe apart from others is obviously the creamy black bean and cilantro dip, which adds wonderful depth of flavor. But we’d also like to call out something else: Instead of Daiya Shreds, this blogger uses Slices that she places in a single layer over the chips so that they melt into an ooey, gooey sheet of cheezy deliciousness.

Vegan Cheesy Kale Nachos

Vegan Cheesy Kale Nacho Recipe, from The Colorful Kitchen

Trying to cut back on the carbs? You can still celebrate National Nachos Day! Just do as this blogger does and sub (or accent) classic tortilla chips with chips of the oven-baked kale variety, and you’ve got a lightened-up version of your favorite cheezy snack. Add the toppings of your choice – like fresh avocado, salsa and Daiya – and you’ve got a beautiful, nutritious and delicious meal.

Big League Cheesy Nacho Recipe

Big League Cheesy Nacho Recipe, from Cooking With Daiya

The popular party food gets the Cooking With Daiya treatment on this episode of our YouTube cooking show! Follow along with hosts Dave and Vanessa as they show you how to make the biggest, cheeziest, most amazing plateful of nachos ever – featuring three different types of Daiya Shreds!

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