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Easy Plant-Based Swaps: 3 Delicious Starting Points

Posted on March 31, 2017

We admit the idea of plant-based eating can seem big and possibly imposing. But in practical terms, the reality can be a lot accessible than a lot of people might imagine.

Start with a few favorite foods. There’s the usual way of thinking about these favorites, the way things have always been done. And then there’s the Daiya way, which goes beyond what’s expected in terms of flavor and goodness.

We believe if food tastes great, it’s easy and natural to enjoy. It’s something you want to do and can become a part of everyday living. When it does, the many health and environmental benefits start to add up. Consider these three favorites, which are easy starting points for plant-based living.

Easing in to a Plant-Based Diet

Dipping Into Yogurt. Plain or as part of a recipe, yogurt is a staple for millions. It’s also something many people rely on for protein. Here’s the good news. Smooth and delicious Daiya Greek Yogurt Alternatives pack up to 8 grams of protein in every cup. Talk about a great way to sweeten your day.

Everyone’s Favorite. What is it about mac and cheese that is so irresistible? Is it the ooey gooeyness? The appeal for all ages? The easy additions and variations? Why not all of the above. Our Cheezy Mac earns acclaim for flavor, consistency and velvety crave-worthiness. It’s even gluten-free. Comfort food indeed.

Every Way You Slice It. Pre-sliced cheese makes life easy. Daiya cheeze slices make life easy, delicious and dairy-free. You’re not giving up convenience or versatility. In fact, our cheeze slices are even more versatile because more people can enjoy them. Here’s to rounding out more meals with plant-based goodness.

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