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Fall Harvest Guide

Posted on September 29, 2016

For those of you with summer gardens, the fruits (and veggies) of your labor have finally come to harvest. Now that you’ve plucked, pulled and pruned your garden there are four things you can do to make next year’s crops and blooms even more bountiful.

Weed Your Garden

1. Weed your garden one last time this year. This will prevent weeds from creating deeper roots in the beds. If your garden is used for flowers, plant tulip bulbs now so you can enjoy their colorful blooms in the spring.

Fertilize Your Garden

2. Add organic matter to the garden beds now such as chopped leaves and mulch from your compost. Doing this now will allow the soil to absorb all the wonderful nutrients. Turn over in the spring. If you are feeling ambitious, consider doing the next step instead.

Grow Cover Crops

3. If you want to naturally boost nutrients in your garden beds like a pro, then you should consider growing a cover crop. Annual rye and buckwheat are suitable for most of North America; however, you must give them three weeks to properly take root before the frost. These cover crops will add nitrogen back into your soil. Simply turn over the soil once spring arrives.

Prepare for Spring

4. Finally, make sure all of your gardening tools are ready for the spring. Clean and store tools together in a covered, dry area. Drain the water out of any birdbaths and hoses, and store with the rest of your gardening tools.

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