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Farmers Market Finds #3: Okra

Posted on June 8, 2016

If you’ve had the pleasure of enjoying southern cooking, then you’ve probably encountered okra. This tasty gourd is a nutritional powerhouse high in Vitamins C, K and folate (B9). It’s also loaded with antioxidants. You don’t need to spend all day in the kitchen making gumbo to enjoy this veggie, though. Just follow these quick and easy tips, and start enjoying everything great about okra and plant-based living. 

How to Choose Okra

Select small pods the size of your pinky and at most the size of your index finger. They should be a vibrant green in color with no black spots. Okra perishes quickly, so once you bring it home, store it in a brown paper bag in your fridge and use it within 4 days.

How to Use Okra in Meals

Okra doesn’t need to be complicated. You can grill them in a few minutes with only some olive oil and salt. If you enjoy spicy foods, add a dash of your favorite Cajun seasoning before grilling to give it an added kick. And serve with our Pepperjack Style Shreds  for a little extra gusto.

You can also add a new twist to your favorite fitters and corn cakes. Thinly slice the okra into medallions and incorporate into the batter then bake as usual.

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