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Happy Retirement, Original Recipe Shreds!

Posted on February 14, 2022

After 13 years of hard work, it melts our hearts to say goodbye to our Original Recipe Shreds. We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the OG shreds, and it really feels like bidding farewell to an old friend, “The Big Cheese”, the spark that created Daiya, and the inspiration that has driven us to create over 30 amazing plant-based products.

We also know that saying goodbye is not just bittersweet for us, but for the fans of our Original Recipe Shreds; for some, it is the first plant-based cheese you fell in love with, and for others, a comforting staple due to food allergies.

We get it, and we’ve got you. If the answer to your question isn’t below, our Consumer Experience team is here to for you!

Why is Daiya discontinuing the Original Recipe Shreds?

Simply put, we make better shreds. Our Cutting Board Shreds Collection is our most popular, award winning product line for a reason: they melt, stretch, and have a traditional dairy cheese taste and texture that surpasses our Original Recipe.

When is the Original Recipe Shreds discontinuation happening?

Our last ship date is at the end of February 2022, but the Original Recipe Shreds will still be available in retailers across North America while supplies last.

I want to stock up on Original Recipe Shreds, how can I do that?

Products will still be in distribution until sold out in stores, our product finder can help find the store closest to you that carries them. The Original Recipe Shreds cannot be purchased directly through us or on our online store.

Is the decision to discontinue the Original Recipe Shreds permanent?

Yes, this is a permanent decision.

What product would Daiya recommend substituting for the Original Recipe Shreds?

Daiya Cutting Boards Shreds are now available in 6 delicious flavors.

A family member or I can’t have chickpea protein, can you recommend some options for us?

Daiya Slices are great cold and melted.

A family member or I have sensory sensitivity and food selectivity, so product changes are challenging, can you help?

Yes, we would love to. Please contact our Consumer Experience team at cr@daiyafoods.com

If the answers to your questions aren’t within the blog post linked below, our Consumer Experience team is always here to for you via cr@daiyafoods.com! 💚

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