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How to Throw a Plant-Based Pizza Party

Posted on March 15, 2022

Is it possible to hear or see the words “pizza party” and not smile? Just the idea brings back memories of previous get-togethers and offers the promise of more fun ahead. We believe that everyone deserves to enjoy an at-home pizza party, which is why we created a variety of delicious, flavorful, cheezy, pizzas that just so happen to be totally plant-based and allergen-friendly. Savor all the great flavors of pizza without worrying about dairy, soy or gluten. What’s your next at-home pizza party?

1) Calling All Kids

There are moments when over-thinking a decision just isn’t necessary. When the workday is over but you still have high energy kids running around, stick to the basics. Our Cheeze Lover’s Pizza and Meatless Pepperoni Style Pizza always draw rave reviews, and you could also serve slices of Margherita Pizza for variety. Trying to sneak in more veggies? opt for the Italian Herbs & Cheeze Style Vegetable Crust Pizza—its gluten-free crust is made with ingredients including cauliflower, sweet potatoes and spinach. Boom. The menu is done. Now what games and movies do you need to get ready?

2) Dear Foodie Friends

This scenario is pretty much the exact opposite of the party above; when your closest friends are coming over, the focus is the food. Here, you might turn to a Fire-Roasted Vegetable Pizza, a Mushroom & Roasted Garlic Pizza, or our Mediterranean Vegetable Crust Pizza. All the flavors of plant-based living are on full display. Spice lovers in attendance? Go for the Meatless Pepperoni Style with Jalapeno Vegetable Crust Pizza.

3) Craving a Classic

There’s a reason our Cheeze Lover’s PizzaSupreme Pizza and Meatless Meat Lover’s Pizza are a hit with Daiya fans. Because sometimes, we just crave a classic. All the classic pizza flavor you want, made into a totally plant-based version. Who knew plant-based pizza tasted this amazing? You did. That’s who.

4) Time to Relax

Whether you’re hard at work on the front lines, trying to balance being “parent” and “teacher” and “employee,” or you’re just feeling too lazy to make dinner – we’ve got you. It’s never been more important to relax and make time for yourself. Pop in a plant-based pizza from the freezer, turn on your favorite binge-worthy show, and enjoy a relaxing night to yourself.

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