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Introducing Cutting Board Shreds

Posted on August 8, 2017

You know the feeling of satisfaction that comes from preparing a healthy, delicious meal from scratch? You made it with your hands and your heart, and even if it’s simple, it still reflects the pride any artisan feels in creating something new and unique, something that meets a need and earns a smile.

We took the same approach in developing our new Cutting Board Collection. With any recipe, there’s always an opportunity to keep making it better. So we made our Cutting Board Collection shreds even cheezier with an improved taste and texture. You’ll love how they melt and the full, rich flavor they bring to any meal. And note, our new shreds are an excellent source of calcium.

At Daiya, we like the phrase “crave without compromise,” and that’s a good way to think about the Cutting Board Collection. No compromises. Just pure plant-based cheeziness for the meals you crave and the joy that comes from enjoying them with friends and family.

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