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Be Kind to Animals Month

Posted on May 4, 2017

May is Be Kind To Animals Month, so we’ve put together four things you can do to help make our world a little kinder to animals.

  1. Volunteer at your local shelter or rescue. There are a variety of ways you can help these important community resources. Are you a people person? Offer to help with their fundraising and educational outreach. Do you have a skill such as accounting, graphic or web design? Then offer to do help them using your expertise.
  2. Remember your own household companions. Just like us they need mental and physical stimulation throughout the day. Try changing your usual daily activities together once a week and make a date with your pet to get out and seek new adventures. If you have an indoor companion animal, bring home or make new toys or puzzles for them to learn and explore.
  3. Adopt your next pet. If you are searching for a new addition to your family, consider adopting. By choosing to adopt, you’re saving the life of one of the millions of animals who end up abandoned each year.
  4. Avoid eating animal products. For some people, removing animal products from their diet feels like a big task. If that’s the case for you, consider starting with removing animal products from your diet one day a week and work from there. Need help? We’ve got you covered! Find simple plant-based swaps here. Learn about protein here and here. Lastly get our top tips for making the switch here.

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