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Make It A Plant-Based Heart Health Month

Posted on February 5, 2019

February is a month devoted to passion and relationships, and something we’re passionate about now and throughout the year is the relationship between food and health. Plant-based living is far more certain than an arrow from Cupid or a random chance at finding the perfect match for healthy, delicious meals.

Heart Health & Plant-Based Food

Need proof? Take a look at this recipe for Quinoa Stuffed Avocados. It’s an ideal example of what the American Heart Association recommends for a healthy diet, starting with “eat a variety of foods from all the food groups.”

Veggies? Yes. Fruits? Yes. Whole grains? Yes. Low-fat dairy products? Oh, wait. We can do even better on that point. How about low-fat non-dairy products that bring you the very best in plant-based nutrition. No trans fats. No cholesterol. Just pure plant-based goodness. And the avocados in this recipe pack 974 milligrams of potassium per serving, which is also beneficial to heart health as we’ve written about before.

It’s important to note that not all plant-based diets are equal in terms of health benefits. There are still choices to make. Harvard Medical School references a research program that studied three groups of adults totaling 209,000 people. Researchers tracked three different diets, all of which replaced the intake of animal-based products with plant-based foods. It states, “No surprise, they found that the people who followed the healthy plant-based diet…had the lowest risk for heart disease.”

Celebrate American Heart Month with Quinoa Stuffed Avocados and all the recipes in our online library. And here’s a pro tip if you’re serving this recipe on February 14th or any date night at home. Special occasions call for chocolate dessert.

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