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Mindful Snacking Made Easy (And Delish!)

Posted on January 3, 2020

When you’re on the go, think bento. And of course, you don’t actually need a classic Japanese bento box. You can use whatever container or containers you already own. But think about what a bento box does. It organizes and presents a variety of food items that taste great together. In this case, the focus is on preparing and enjoying mindful plant-based snacks that help you power through the day. For inspiration, we put together four great-tasting options. So get creative with the convenience of bento-inspired deliciousness!

Simply Savory: Snack To The Max

Daiya Deluxe Cheeze Sticks, hummus, gluten-free pretzels, dried apricots, sugar snap peas.

Sweet & Satisfying: Simply Sensational 

Daiya Cheeze Block shapes, salsa, gluten-free chips, grapes, apple slices, celery.

Rainbow Round-Up: Colorful Combinations

Daiya Cheeze Sticks, guacamole, bell peppers, carrots, tomato slices, berries.

Perfect Pick-Me-Up: Nom, Nom, Nommmmmm

Daiya Cheeze Block shapes, banana, berries, rice cakes, avocado.

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