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New And Improved Taste, Texture And Flavor

Posted on June 27, 2017

The essence of cooking is continuous creativity. Yes, we all have our favorites. Comfort food wouldn’t be comfort food without consistency. But sometimes, don’t you find yourself thinking, hmmm, the next time I make a grilled cheese sandwich, I’m going to try something just a little different?

Continual Innovation with Dairy-Free Cheeses

That’s how it works in our test kitchen at Daiya Foods. The spirit of innovation that inspired our founders nearly two decades ago is alive and well today. We’re always looking for ways to make plant-based living even more enjoyable and satisfying.

That’s why we made our dairy-free slices even better and are introducing American Style Slices. You’ll love the taste, texture and convenience of being able to serve any of our four kinds of slices hot or cold. Get the melt. Savor the stretch. This is the delicious joy of dairy without any compromise.

We even updated the packaging. Now it’s re-sealable with the same amount of dairy-free cheeze as before in a smaller footprint.

Three cheers for our new dairy-free cheese slices! No, wait. Make that four cheers for American and Cheddar, Swiss and Provolone.

New and improved, just for you.

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