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On The Go, In The Know

Posted on February 26, 2019

Who’s ready for spring break? Everyone, right? It’s an early sneak preview of the summer travel season ahead. Decisions, destinations, departures. There’s only one thing left to plan: What are we going to eat?

Relax. Just because you’re away from your usual home-cooking routines and favorite local restaurants doesn’t mean you have to give up on plant-based eating. In fact, you might even discover a delicious new option or two while you’re exploring.

Vegan Apps

For starters, if you don’t already have them, get these apps for your phone: HappyCow and Vegan Pocket. HappyCow is a guide to vegetarian apps, and Vegan Pocket lets you scan barcodes so you can see if food, cosmetics or clothes are vegan.

Staying Vegan In-Transit

If you’re flying, fire up your favorite search app and check what choices you have at the airport. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has an all-vegan restaurant, Real Food Daily, as does Seattle with Floret. Other airport restaurants offer plant-based menu options, and you can easily find reviews online.

With advance notice, most airlines can usually accommodate vegan meals too. Here’s how it works on Delta. And if you’re traveling by train, vegan meals are available on Amtrak’s regular menu for long distance routes. With either, airline or Amtrak, ordering plant-based meals demonstrates market demand for plant-based eating and sends a signal to corporate decision-makers.

Of course, if you’re driving, just pack a cooler. Daiya is your road trip BFF, with a full selection of their own plant-based cheeze—blocksslices and shreds. Hungry for a vegan muffuletta sandwich?  You can use our product finder to locate nearby grocery stores and restaurants that carry or serve Daiya while you’re on the go.

And snacks? The vehicle does not leave home without snacks. These Pretzel Butterflies are fun for the kids to make while the miles roll by.

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