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Plant-Based Pizza Party Pro Tips

Posted on July 25, 2019

Is it possible to hear or see the words “pizza party” and not smile? Just the idea brings back memories of previous get-togethers and offers the promise of more fun ahead. Best of all, when you’re serving plant-based pizzas from Daiya, everyone can eat freely and savor all the great flavors of plant-based living without worrying about dairy, soy or gluten. What’s your next pizza party?

1) Calling All Kids

There are moments when over-thinking a decision just isn’t necessary. For a pack of high energy kids, stick to the basics. Our Cheeze Lover’s Pizza and Meatless Pepperoni Style Pizza always draw rave reviews, and you could also serve slices of Margherita Pizza for variety. Boom. The menu is done. Now what games and movies do you need to get ready?

2) Dear Foodie Friends

This scenario is pretty much the exact opposite of the party above; when your foodie friends are coming over, the focus is the food. Here, you might turn to a Fire-Roasted Vegetable Pizza or Mushroom & Roasted Garlic. All the flavors of plant-based living are on full display.

3) Employee of the Month

Office parties sometimes need a little help, and food definitely sets the mood. Go big with a Supreme Pizza and Meatless Meat Lover’s Pizza, but also offer a classic like Margherita Pizza to round out the spread. You’re the new office hero. Who knew plant-based pizza tasted this amazing? You did. That’s who.

4) Just Staying Put

There are all kinds of reasons to stay in and relax. Snowstorm, heat wave, long week at work, flicks to binge, epic sports matchup in prime time. Just relax, and ease into the evening. And make sure you check an earlier blog post for pizza and wine pairings. (Don’t forget to turn off the ringer on your phone.)

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