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Plant-based Protein

Posted on August 4, 2016

Plant-based living can be incorporated into many lifestyles including those of the elite athletes participating in the Rio Olympics. Yes, there are elite athletes who are fueled by vegetables and lead a plant-based diet. In fact, athletes only need about 10 percent of their daily calories from protein to support muscle recovery and growth. There are many great sources of plant-based protein such as greens, pulses, nuts and seeds. Here are five of our favorites:


Each half-cup contains three and a half grams of protein. Try adding them to our Deluxe Alfredo Style Mac & Cheeze for an easy meal on busy days.


You’ll find three grams of protein in a half cup of spinach. Get your fill by adding spinach to your favorite smoothies.

Pumpkin Seeds

These little seeds pack a serious protein punch with seven grams of protein per ounce. Add them to your favorite salad, or eat them all on their own for a midafternoon snack.


For every ounce of whole almonds, there are six grams of protein. Feel full all morning by crushing them and adding to your cereal or overnight oats.


A half-cup of chickpeas has 19 grams of protein. Roasted chickpeas are easy to make and will help keep you feeling full. Try our Buffalo Chickpea salad, and see for yourself!

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