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Taste Tests Tell The Truth

Posted on August 29, 2017

Can you tell just by looking how a fruit or vegetable will taste? Obviously, you usually know if produce is rotten or spoiled, and we’re not talking about that. There’s a middle ground, a space somewhere between the produce you see in photos on seed packages and veggies that are well past their peak and starting to decay.

Let’s call them visually nonconformist fruits and vegetables. Yes, they look different. But often, the way produce looks doesn’t affect the way it tastes at all. You might even find them at a discounted price in an effort by the seller to attract buyers and reduce food waste (always a good idea).

Try a taste test of your own, and get to know these dissidents and mavericks of the plant kingdom. You’ll see. Embracing fruit and veggie visual nonconformity can do a lot to expand your plant-based horizons.

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