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The Plant-Based Burgers 3 Ways

Posted on July 1, 2019

When you start exploring all the possibilities of plant-based cooking, you suddenly realize your options are endless. And we’re not talking about fancy foods and exotic ingredients. Even something as humble as the burger can serve as a launchpad for discovery—especially when it’s topped with Daiya slices. In fact, never before have there been so many plant-based burgers to choose from, and the flavor combinations with veggies, cheeze, condiments and other toppings are unlimited. 

With summer in full swing and evenings or weekends available for get-togethers with friends and family, we set out on a mission to build the perfect burger. In this case, perfect means lots of flavor with just a little prep. Keep it simple, make it tasty and allow plenty of time with the dinner guests.

Burger meisters, are you ready? Here are three combos meant to inspire more creativity. And don’t forget that we have six kinds of slices to choose from, or you can use Daiya shreds like the folks at Arlo’s Curbside in Austin, Texas. You can even pile on some Cheezy Mac. You’re the burger boss, so get creative and burger up!

The Classic Burger: Everyone’s Go-To 

The Gourmand Burger: Flavor to Rave About

The Nosh Burger: Gettin’ Sassy With the Umami 

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