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Plant-Based Living

We Hear You: What Is Plant-Based Living? Your Questions Answered

Posted on March 2, 2020

You’ve seen it in the news. Friends mention it. At least one co-worker is all-in. “Plant-based living.” Just what exactly does that mean and what does it look like? 

For starters, it looks a lot like the photo above. Bright. Vibrant. Enticing. Hungry yet? We’ve got a shopping list for a week’s worth of plant-based meals. Find it at the bottom of this post.

As for what plant-based living means, let’s talk more about that. At Daiya, we love getting questions that lead to in-depth conversations, and from what we’re hearing, a lot of the questions people are asking right now center on nine key points.

What does it mean to eat a plant-based diet?

As author Michael Pollan once recommended, “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” The key word “mostly.” Not everyone goes all-in all at once. It’s more about discovering the flavors and versatility of veggies that you already love and also newcomers you’ve never tried. It could also mean doing something as simple as taking part in meatless Mondays, which is a trend you can look into with #meatlessmonday. The idea, at its core, is enjoying more veggies, legumes, fruit, sea vegetables and nuts.

What’s the difference between plant-based and vegan?

More and more people enjoy living a vegan lifestyle. That includes food—no meat, dairy, eggs or honey. But it can also include clothing, cosmetics and medicine made without anything from animals. Plant-based, however, puts the focus on plants. But the term in a broader sense describes a plant-first lifestyle that can include ingredients from non-plant sources.

How does plant-based eating compare to other diet trends like keto, paleo and Mediterranean diets?

This is a great question because a lot of popular approaches to eating call for more veggies. Check one of our recent blog posts, At The Intersection of Diet Trends And Plant-Based Living. You’ll definitely want to talk to your doctor first if you’re considering a certain diet. But basically, eating more veggies more often is a building block for many popular diets.

What are the health benefits of a plant-based diet?

You want the short answer or the long answer? The long answer starts by visiting your local public library and getting a recommendation on a recent, well-researched book that earned solid reviews. The short answer is that every edible plant, herb, legume and nut gives you a unique set of nutritional benefits. There’s a lot of upside. By eating more plant-based foods, you open the door to all-new sources of nutrition and flavor combinations.

How do you get protein in a plant-based diet?

Not a prob. There are LOTS of sources for protein, and they’re delish. See Plant-Based Protein Myths.

Are there deficiencies in a plant-based diet, and if so, how can I avoid them?

There are a lot of misconceptions on this topic. Check Iron and the Plant-Based Diet and For Enough Calcium and Vitamin D Without Dairy, Plan A Plant-Based Picnic

How does eating a plant-based diet affect the environment?

On behalf of the planet, thanks for asking. As you explore plant-based living, you’ll also find it’s environmentally friendly. For instance, in terms of your carbon footprint, if you eat one less burger a week, it’s like taking your car off the road for 320 miles. Get more info on our blog from this post: Why Plant-Based Diets Are Good for the Earth, Too.

Do you have any tips for making the switch to a plant-based lifestyle?

Yes, click over to Easy Plant-Based Swaps: 3 Delicious Starting Points and Plant-Based Eating: How To Make The Change. What you’ll love about plant-based living are all the wonderful new flavors and combinations. The Daiya blog also features Plant-Based Stories that describe how people from all walks of life discovered plant-based living. Find out what motivated a registered dietician and chef.


Ready to hit the grocery store? We’ve got the only plant-based shopping list you’ll need.

Download it now, pick up the ingredients on the list and you’ll be ready to make any of the following plant-based recipes:

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