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We need to talk. Do you know what this is about? Your flair, and we’re saying it’s fabulous. Seriously. Eight pieces of flair is a pretty good start for expressing yourself.

But if you want to get really cheezy — and we mean cheezier than ever — express yourself with our new and improved slices. Grilled Cheeze Latkes have never had more flair.

Now get back to work.


They’re coming back. Shoulder pads are absolutely coming back. You’re dressing for success. And you can skip those 500 shoulder press reps at the gym.

And when shoulder pads do come back, anyone who calls ‘em cheezy has to talk to us first. We are the experts on cheezy, and our dairy-free pizzas are always in style with plant-based panache.

Long live the 80s.


Full body leotards were invented for you. They’re not cheezy. They’re you. All you. Timeless casual athletic wear that goes where you go, from the barre to the bodega.

While you’re shaking it at the store, pick up some of our new shreds. They’re cheezier than ever with new, improved taste and texture, perfect for your next pasta fave.

Move that bod, 1-2-3.


When future civilizations dig into our archeological record and discover your fanny pack, they will know you represented humanity at its very best. So practical, so wise.

The thing is, they’re not even that cheezy. We should know. Because our shreds are cheezier than ever with a new, improved taste and texture. Put some quezo dip on those nachos.

And if you get your fingers dirty, we know you have those little moist towelettes in there.


Me, myself and I. Oh, and sometimes a few friends. But mostly me, myself and I because the camera knows a good thing when it sees it. And that’s me!

Relax. Selfies are a good thing. Cheezy works for you. It works for us too, and we’re cheezier than ever with new and improved shreds. Better taste, flavor and 7 Layer Bean Dip.

Click! Gotcha. Super cheezy.


We’ll give you an answer true. You do look sweet on a bicycle built for two. Twice the fun, twice the cycling cachet. Did someone say power couple? Lookin’ at you and you.

Because your cheezy ride is the best ride. Even better, if you pack along some of our new and improved slices, you and your gourmet grilled cheeze sandwiches are cheezier than ever.



We love the way you roll. Yours is a profile in grace, beauty and incandescent, thigh gripping stretch fabric. Oh, baby. You own the concrete jungle, and we are your minions.

We pay tribute to your excellency with cheezy excellence of our own. Our dairy-free slices are cheezier than ever with new, improved taste and texture. Panini for your party on wheels? Get it.

Keep it cheezy, ‘blading beauties.


If more people rocked the mullet, the world would get its party and business priorities straight. Front, back and all points in between, the mullet flows with hirsute confidence.

Cheezy? Sure, but not as cheezy as our slices. They’re cheezier than ever with all-new recipes that redefine taste, texture and dairy-free goodness. Perfect for grilled cheeze? Indeed.

Stay cheezy, mullet lovers.


Sparkle pony, you are the glittery jewel of perfection. Cleopatra herself could not outshine your splendor. The Sun King would shrink in the shadows of your SPF50-worthy radiance.

And that’s not cheezy. Because we know cheezy. Our plant-based pizzas are the champs of dairy-free, gluten-free cheezy yum. Can you crave it? Yass, go there.

Shine on, dazzlers.


We hear you coming, speed walkers. It’s the swish, swish, swish of strides that glide which you cannot hide. Keep that foot on the ground! Straighten that leg! Go for gold!

You know your thing, and we know ours — pure cheeziness. We’re cheezier than ever, and our dairy-, gluten- and soy-free pizza powers the pace every time.

Step to it, and stay cheezy.


No words. There are simply no words for how good a person looks in a dickey. Some people wear it with a shirt. But not you. You rock the dickey on its own terms. Au naturale.

Let the haters call it cheezy. You’ll find nothing but love here, love for everything cheezy. We’re cheezier than ever with new and improved shreds. Fashion-forward nachos, anyone?

Nice guns, btw. Plant-based living looks good on you.


Word on the street is the street just stops when you walk the walk in threads so fine. Hello, hot stuff. You are dressed up with places to go. Can we join you?

Because, yeah, your threads aren’t the cheeziest thing we’ve ever seen. Take a look at our dairy-free pizzas, which are pure plant-based bliss.

That is selvedge denim, right?

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To everyone living the cheezy life, we salute you. Not once. But all year. These holidays are cheezier than ever, and so are we.

Deliciously dairy-free keeps getting better.

Cheeze lovers, the news is all good from Daiya. We’ve made some great recipes even better. Ridiculously cheezy? Absolutely. Savor the plant-based yum.

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