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Daiya announces a new line of Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese

Daiya announces a new line of Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese

The latest innovation reimagines mac & cheese as a dairy-free delight

VANCOUVER, BC, March 12, 2024 Daiya, the brand that cracked the code on dairy-free cheese, announced today a new line of Mac & Cheese made with dairy-free cheese and gluten-free pasta. The new line uses dry powdered dairy-free cheese is available in three delicious flavors:

  • Daiya Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese: Cheddar
  • Daiya Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese: White Cheddar
  • Daiya Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese: Aged Cheddar (Available in the US only)

The launch represents the introduction of the only dairy-free Aged Cheddar Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese that will be available on the market, bringing consumers a quick and convenient comfort food for the whole family, without the conditions of dairy. The new product line provides consumers with more convenient options alongside Daiya's existing Liquid Mac & Cheese line, which features a ready-made, dairy-free liquid sauce pack.

Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese continues to grow as the most popular way consumers enjoy the family favorite. However, partly due to consumer pain points concerning taste and texture - dairy-free options have remained limited on shelves. With the debut of its three dry mix offerings, Daiya aims to reinvigorate the category with a better-for-you Mac & Cheese range that brings all the cheesy goodness.

"We're excited to offer a Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese option that is a comfort worth craving, without the conditions of dairy," says Daiya Chief Marketing Officer, John Kelly. "We're always listening to customer requests for new products and innovations as we expand our consumer base - and felt a convenient, dairy-free dry powdered Mac & Cheese with delicious flavor was missing on shelf - so we developed one. Innovation and development are at the core of what we do at Daiya, and we are always looking for ways to encourage plant-based and dairy-free food exploration – even if you're not 100% plant-based."

Last year, Daiya introduced its new brand platform: "100% Plant-based. Even if you're not," which welcomes all cheese-loving consumers to try its products - from plant-based enthusiasts to explorers - leaving the 'all or nothing' approach to plant-based, dairy-free diets behind. Daiya celebrated the platform's unveiling with its recent Fromage Forgery campaign - certifying 'dupe' status on its dairy-free cheese products alongside The Bear star, Lionel Boyce, and Chain co-founder, Chef Tim Hollingsworth.

Daiya's new Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese has an SRP of $4.49 per box, and will be available in the US at Walmart and The Fresh Market from April. In Canada, the line is available at Loblaws & Metro ON. For more information on all Daiya products, please visit