Dairy-Free Cheesy Foods That Every Part of You Feels Good About

Cheese Made Good

Can you imagine a life without cheese? Sounds impossible, right? Well, imagine cheese made from plants that's as delicious, creamy, and cheesy as its dairy counterpart. With us, it's not just possible — it's a promise. You'll never have to live without cheese again. No compromise.





Dairy-Free Non-GMO No FOMO

Pizza Perfection

Why can't every night be pizza night? With Daiya, it can be! Each bite of our pizza is plant-based perfection: featuring a crisp, thin crust, melty dairy-free cheese, and a perfectly balanced amount of toppings.

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Mac & Cheese Magic

Mac & Cheese is *peak* nostalgia. Ours is the real deal – incredibly melty, exceptionally creamy, and bursting with rich cheesy goodness. One bite and you'll be transported back to simpler times.

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The Daiya Way

Daiya in the Press

Meet Us IRL

No, I don't think you understand, we're OBSESSED with our new Dairy-Free Classic Mac & Cheese 🤤🧀 And we know you will be too! To celebrate this new product release, we're sending 2 lucky winners—one in the U.S. and one in Canada—one case of Dairy-Free Classic Mac & Cheese each with some Daiya goodies!


You read that right - Daiya's Dairy-Free Dairy Tour has begun! Making 190 stops across the U.S., Daiya is on the road to find others who are just as cheese obsessed as we are 🧀🫶 On this tour, we're gathering your thoughts on new products, swapping recipes, taste-testing our deliciously cheesy products, and searching for a special someone to become our MVP (Vice President of Melting) 🫡


I keep seeing all these viral chopped sandwiches, but this CHOPPED CHEESEBURGER SANDWICH with @daiyafoods Dairy-Free Cheddar Slices and Dairy-Free Mexican Blend Shreds is even better. You guys know I’ve always been a fan. So for the perfect creamy, melty and stretchy bite every time, use the Dairy-Free Cheddar Slices and Dairy-Free Mexican Blend Shreds, now made with Daiya Oat Cream™ blend. Pick up their new and improved blend at your nearest Walmart and get the recipe here 👇