Dry Powdered Mac & Cheese

Dairy-Free Cheddar Mac & Cheese

Stay cheesy with the all-time classic: Cheddar. This boxed mac is equal parts craveworthy and super-convenient. Make it for your kids’ lunch or an easy dinner that will have the whole family coming back for more. 

100% Plant-Based. Even If You're Not.

Why You'll Love Our Mac & Cheese

A Comfort Food Classic
Let's face it: life's just better with macaroni & cheese.
Gluten-Free Pasta
Made with brown and white rice for the perfect al dente.
Quick & Easy to Prepare
Because when everyone's hungry, they're hungry.
Creamy, Cheesy Flavor
Phenomenal taste in every bite (no dairy required).

Free of These Common Allergens

Dairy Gluten

How to Enjoy
Mac & Cheese

Frequently Asked Questions

Torula yeast is an inactive single-cell fungi and has been used for decades in foods because of its incredible umami flavor and high nutritional value. Torula yeast is naturally gluten-free, and this product is certified gluten-free.