Goat Cheeze Flavour Crumbles

Give your lunch a dairy-free goat cheese glow-up. This unique flavour is incredibly rich, creamy, and just the right amount of tangy – plus, it’s pre-crumbled, so you don’t even have to make a mess. Just open the (recyclable) tub and shake it, sh-shake it. 

100% Plant-Based. Even If You're Not.

Why You’ll Love Our Crumbles

Conveniently Crumbled For You
Quick, easy-to-use, and delicious.
Made with Oat
Who knew oat had it in them? 100% plant-based, even if you're not.
Comfort Food Worthy
Let's face it: life's just better with cheese.

Free of These Common Allergens

Dairy Gluten Soy Peanut

Frequently Asked Questions

The Daiya crumbled cheeses are designed to be used cold as a topping on anything that strikes your fancy! They are great in salads or as a topper on pasta or pizza.