Dairy-Free Cheesy Foods That Every Part of You Feels Good About

Cheese Made Good

Can you imagine a life without cheese? Sounds impossible, right? Well, imagine cheese made from plants that's as delicious, creamy, and cheesy as its dairy counterpart. With us, it's not just possible — it's a promise. You'll never have to live without cheese again. No compromise.





Dairy-Free Non-GMO No FOMO

Pizza Perfection

Why can't every night be pizza night? With Daiya, it can be! Each bite of our pizza is plant-based perfection: featuring a crisp, thin crust, melty dairy-free cheese, and a perfectly balanced amount of toppings.

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Mac & Cheese Magic

Mac & Cheese is *peak* nostalgia. Ours is the real deal – incredibly melty, exceptionally creamy, and bursting with rich cheesy goodness. One bite and you'll be transported back to simpler times.

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The Daiya Way

Daiya in the Press

Meet Us IRL

Looking for that VIP treatment? 👀 If you're NYC based and free this Thursday 10/26, drop a pizza emoji below. Three lucky winners will be randomly selected to receive a one-of-a-kind plant-based treatment 💅


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Our hearts (and stomachs) are totally full with memories from Slice Club! Huge shoutout to everyone who helped make it a smashing success. 🍕✨