About Us

We make cheesy comfort food, your all-time favorites that will continue loving you — and the planet — tomorrow.

Melting Hearts, Not Dairy, Since 2007

2007 - The Cheesy Revolution
One Dream, Infinite Cheese
Born from a belief that cheese should be inclusive, Daiya set out on a mission: ensure no one misses out on cheese, whether by choice or necessity. A world where everyone has a seat at the cheese table.
2011 - Daiya's Oprah Encore
Everybody Gets Daiya!
When Daiya graced Oprah’s stage, it wasn't just a feature—it was a revelation. The 'Oprah Effect' catapulted us into millions of hearts, sparking a dairy-free cheese craze and skyrocketing our brand into a household name.
2023 - The Ultimate Melt
Cheesy Game Changer Alert!
Behold 2023, the year Daiya redefined the cheese pull. With our Daiya Oat Cream™ blend cheese, we didn't just reformulate; we revolutionized the cheese scene. Imagine grilled cheeses with pulls so epic, they’re not just unmatched—they’re category-defining. A cheesy transformation so monumental, it's not just plant-based; it's plate-based magic!

The Evolution Of Our Cheese

The Original Game-Changer

2009 - Melting Revolution

Daiya makes history by introducing the first plant-based cheese that truly melts, making cheesy comfort foods a reality again for millions of the plant-based serious, the plant-based curious, and allergy sufferers!

Beyond Shreds

2017 - Cheesy Food Expansion

Daiya's range grows to include slices, blocks, cream cheese, pizzas, and cheesecakes, making us a household favorite and a staple in pizzerias.

Dairy-Free, Not Drama Free

2023 - Oat Cream Breakthrough

Our Daiya Oat Cream™ blend cheese? It's not just an innovation; it's a revolution. Melting like dairy, crafted with the care of traditional cheese-making, it's the plant-based cheese that's causing some serious envy.