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Welcome to the unexpected joy of delicious plant-based eating!

Delight in Every Bite

No matter how you eat, we have a variety of plant‑based, dairy‑free, allergen‑free food and ingredients for you to delight in.

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This is what plant-based looks like.

Adding “plant-based” in front of brunch plans, recipe exploration, and tasty how-to’s. Whether you’re hosting the family or making dinner for one, join us as we discover tasty and exciting tips and explore how plant-based fits into your lifestyle!

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New look.
New taste.
Even more delicious!

Now in 81% less packaging, our newly square slices are the perfect way to enjoy the unexpected deliciousness of plant-based eating.

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Awesomely Allergy-Friendly

No Dairy
No Gluten
No Soy
No Eggs
No Peanuts
No Tree Nuts
No Fish
No Shellfish

All of our products are free of these major food allergens
including dairy, gluten and soy. So dig in. You deserve it.

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* Except Coconuts

Why choose to eat deliciously plant-based foods?

  • Allergen friendly
  • Better for the environment
  • Thoughtful and health-forward
  • It’s just so yummy!

The plant-based life is inclusive for all. And we can show you how.

Here are some tips, tricks and inspiration for any and all who want to eat deliciously, delightfully and sustainably.

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Find plant-based delights right around the corner from you.