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Allergen Control Program

At Daiya, we’re committed to making sure everyone can eat freely. Peace of mind starts by knowing our plant-based foods are free of common allergens: soy, dairy (casein, whey and lactose), gluten, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts (except coconut). We achieve this level of certainty and freedom by following a strict sourcing and production process that includes supplier controls, ingredient segregation, production run scheduling, equipment cleaning and our own testing program. Here’s an overview of each step.

Supplier Approval

Each ingredient and supplier we use undergoes a rigorous approval process. This includes a review of the supplier’s manufacturing, allergen and sanitation procedures. We do this to ensure that all raw materials we source uphold the quality and safety standards we have in place.

Ingredient Segregation

Upon receipt at our processing facilities, allergen-containing ingredients (such as coconut cream) are promptly tagged and are moved to a designated allergen storage area. By clearly labeling and physically segregating these ingredients, we can avoid allergen cross-contamination when handling our ingredients.

Production Run Scheduling & Equipment Cleaning

We make sure to run our allergen-containing products after our non-allergenic products or on a dedicated day. After producing an allergen-containing product, our equipment is carefully cleaned and sanitized. The equipment is then swabbed and tested to ensure that there are no allergen residues that remain. Production cannot start back up unless the equipment has been cleared.

Finished Product Testing Program

Daiya is an SQF-certified facility with its own dedicated allergen lab. Each lot of finished product is tested and cannot be released from our warehouses until the allergen test results are satisfactory.

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