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Dosha Discoveries, Part 1: Vata

Posted on December 15, 2016

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The holistic science of health known as Ayurveda traces its beginnings back to India more than 5,000 years ago. Then and now, it represents a vast field of knowledge, and a wide range of resources for learning about Ayurveda are available in print and online. A key part of Ayurveda is the principle of doshas, which are three kinds of energy within each of us that influence our well-being.

Each dosha has a name, and this blog post focuses on Vata, which is the energy of motion. In Ayurveda, food plays an important role in balancing energy levels, and shown here are examples of plant-based foods that strengthen and support the Vata dosha. Think warm, cooked foods with veggies common to late fall and winter. The combinations are endless for plant-based living.

Vata calls for warming spices like ginger and cooked veggies common to fall and winter menus such as rutabagas, sweet potatoes and carrots. Here’s a great sweet potato recipe, Cheezy Spiralized Pasta.

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