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Pizza Night Wine Pairings

Posted on February 5, 2019

Any night is a good night for pizza night, but sometimes pizza by itself isn’t enough. We’ve got the plant-based pizzas covered. But what about the vino? Choosing the perfect one can seem overwhelming at times, so we’re going to get the cozy vibe going early by narrowing the field.

And one note before we get to the pairing suggestions. The wines we’re suggesting here are varietals. That term refers to the grape used to make the wine, not a particular vineyard, brand or product line. Within each varietal are many affordable, accessible wines. You can spend a lot if you want to, but you don’t have to. Got your wine opener ready?

Mushroom & Roasted Garlic Pizza with Sauvignon Blanc

A sauvignon blanc wine complements the earthiness of the mushrooms with a clean, crisp flavor. It matches up well with the garlic and Mozzarella Style Shreds with its grassy, citrus notes. Serve the wine cold when pairing with Daiya’s Mushroom & Roasted Garlic Pizza.

Margherita Pizza with Dry Rosé

The emphasis here is on dry. What a lot of people think are rosé wines are actually blushes and are very sweet. With a Daiya Margherita Pizza, you don’t want to overwhelm the softer flavors of the Mozzarella Style Shreds and basil. A dry rosé offers a fresh, pleasing taste that’s often fruity but never sweet. (Note: Rosé wines can be made from many kinds of grapes and vary in appearance due to how long the skins stay with grapes after they’ve been gently pressed.) Serve the wine chilled.

Meatless Pepperoni Style Pizza with Chianti (Sangiovese)

This plant-based pizza offers hefty meatless slices of pepperoni and a hearty tomato sauce. It’s higher in acidity, so you want a lower acid wine to balance things out. A Chianti wine is a light-bodied, easy-drinking red that pairs well with all kinds of Italian food. It’s traditionally made with Sangiovese grapes, and if the wine is from Chianti, Italy, it will have a DOCG designation (Denomination of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin). Look for the black rooster logo. Serve at room temperature.

Meatless Meat Lover’s Pizza with Zinfandel

With the Meatless Meat Lover’s Pizza, you want a bolder wine to complement the spices and more intense flavors of the pizza toppings. A zinfandel is a bigger, deeper-bodied wine with a peppery finish, and the tannins go well with the meat-free pepperoni slices and sausage crumbles. Serve at room temperature.

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