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Daiya Launches the World’s First Pizza Pyramid Scheme

Daiya Launches the World’s First Pizza Pyramid Scheme

Getting Free Pizza Is As Easy As Pie, as Daiya Invites The Nation To Get In On A Slice Of (Free) Pizza Action

VANCOUVER, BC, September 19, 2023 – The World’s first Pizza Pyramid Scheme is here, and we are salivating at the thought of it. Forget dubious cosmetic products or questionable vacation deals, Daiya, the brand that cracked the code on plant-based cheese, has launched the only pyramid scheme that matters: one that brings you free pizza.

The tropes of pyramid schemes often leave people shuttering as they flashback to countless “Hey girlie” DMs, but when used correctly the peer-to-peer recruitment tactic is very successful. Leveraging this model, Daiya utilized the trust that people place in their friends and families when looking to try new things to create a one of a kind recruitment campaign that aims to inspire consumers to sample its plant-based pizzas, even if they aren’t plant-based themselves. As more and more people are recruited by their friends to join the scheme, the only consequence? Pizza. And what’s the only thing better than pizza? Free pizza. 

Popular foodie, comedy and recipe content creators Joseph Calcavecchia, @the_roamingfoodie, and Joey Dardano, @joeydardano, and Cari Garcia, @fatgirlhedonist, will kick off the recruitment process by each bringing three friends into the scheme. Those three friends will recruit their three friends, and those three friends will recruit their three friends until everyone has a delicious Daiya pizza in their home.

To get in on the action for yourself and your friends, all you have to do is start the pizza love train and email with your name and address. There are no lines, or waiting periods, simply email your information and you will be sent coupons for two free pizzas, as well as your own unique recruitment code to bring in three of your nearest and dearest into the scheme. Getting the pizza is the easy part. Choosing only three friends, you’re on your own there. Piz-za-cake right?

Daiya knows that the United States’ love for pies knows no bounds, with a whopping three billion pizzas sold every year[1]. A food so loved by the nation that it has its own dedicated holiday, pizza ignites passionate disputes around which flavor and crust reigns supreme. With popular pizza chains creating wait times that put airport lines to shame, and with a staggering 13% of Americans eating pizza everyday[2], the pizza pyramid is providing Daiya with the opportunity to persuade people into swapping plant-based pizzas into their routine.

Daiya's Chief Marketing Officer, Melanie Domer explains:

“Consumer spending on pizza delivery in the United States amounted to approximately 17.3 billion U.S. dollars in 2022[3] - so we know that people love pizza at home. What we also know is that getting people to try plant-based foods can be a challenge, with a skepticism of taste being a key factor. A dairy and meat eater might never consider adding plant-based options into their diet, but that’s what we’re here to change. Pyramid schemes are often used to recruit people to trial new products, so we thought...why can't that product be plant-based pizza?

We've built our Daiya Pizza Pyramid Scheme to make sampling delicious plant-based foods easier, and more fun than ever. By leaning on peer-to-peer recommendation, we’re giving pizza-lovers a risk-free way to try our pizza, even if they aren’t 100% plant based themselves. We’re that confident that they’re going to love it!”

Daiya’s Pizza Pyramid Scheme will offer consumers the chance to sample a range of their tasty plant-based and gluten-free pizzas including; Meatless Pepperoni, Cheeze Lover’s, Fire-Roasted Vegetables, Supreme and BBQ Plant-based Chick’n Style flavours4. The Daiya Pizza Pyramid Scheme will run until the slices are out, so we encourage everyone to get in on the action as soon as they can.




4 Pizza choice subject to availability at selected retailers. Terms and conditions apply. See for details.