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Ingredients & Nutrition

Are Daiya products organic and non-GMO?

Although we’re not certified organic, we use the highest quality ingredients possible.  All of our ingredients have non-GMO ingredient statements from suppliers.

Why aren’t you non-GMO project verified yet?

Many Daiya products are non-GMO project verified. Currently, the only products we are still seeking non-GMO project verification for are our Original Recipe Shreds.  Some Daiya packaging does not currently have the non-GMO Project verification logo as we have opted to use the remainder of our current inventory of packaging to prevent unnecessarily sending it to a landfill. You can visit the Project non-GMO website to see the most up-to-date list of verified Daiya products here.

Are Daiya products natural?

We only use naturally occurring ingredients in our products. There are no artificial colors, preservatives or flavors.

Does Daiya contain any animal products or by-products?

None of our products contain animal products or by-products. All products are certified vegan.

Are your products vegan?

Our products are free from animal and animal by-products. As part of our vendor approval program, we require the suppliers to provide us with a vegan statement and allergen statements. Our products are also certified vegan by Vegan Action.

Do your products contain protein?

Our products do contain small amounts of pea and/or potato protein. To learn more about the protein content in our products, see the nutritional information found on our “Our Foods” page.

Do your products contain cholesterol or trans fats?

Our products do not contain cholesterol and are trans-fat free.

Do your products contain artificial preservatives or artificial ingredients?

Our products are free of artificial preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Do your products contain MSG?

We don’t add any MSG to our products, but the yeast extract we use does contain some naturally occurring glutamate. Glutamate is an amino acid, which occurs naturally in the human body and in many foods, such as tomatoes and mushrooms.

Do you use palm oil in your products?

At this time, our Slices, Blocks, Cream Cheeze Style Spreads, Cheezy Macs, Greek Yogurt Alternatives and Dressings are palm oil free. Our vegetable glycerin contains small amounts of palm derivatives which are used in the following products: Original Shreds and Pizza.

Where did your palm oil come from?

All of the palm oil we used was sourced from Colombia. Our supplier was certified by Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). The palm derivatives in our vegetable glycerin are sourced from Colombia and are also certified by Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

Do you use canola oil in your products?

We are currently using safflower oil. However, all of our labels contain the “canola and/or safflower oil” statement to allow us to toggle between the two in case of supply shortages.

Do you use carrageenan in your products?

We do not add carrageenan to any Daiya products.

Do you use Titanium dioxide in your products?

We use Titanium dioxide, a naturally occurring mineral, to keep some of our products’ base color consistent. Our level of use is well below the international standard and the FDA maximum level of 1%. Unlike the Titanium dioxide that is used in cosmetics, the form we use is not a nano particle. This ingredient is considered safe for human consumption by both the FDA and CFIA.

What does Algal mean?

‘Algal’ simply means an ingredient is derived from algae.

What is Algal Flour?

Whole Algal Flour is a whole food ingredient that is rich in good fats, protein, fiber and micronutrients.

We use it as an alternative fat source which allows for the reduction or replacement of dairy fats, oil and egg yolks.

It has the appearance of flour but itself is not a grain. It does not contain any gluten.

Is Algal Flour Vegan? Gluten-free? Free of Allergens?

Yes, Algal Flour is vegan, gluten free and free from the Canadian and U.S. recognized allergens.

Where is Algal Flour sourced from? How is it made?

A native strain of algae (meaning the algae has not been genetically modified in any way), found in a fresh water pond in the Netherlands, is grown in fermentation tanks. The algae is then fed with simple non-GMO sugars, which it converts into oil and protein. Then the whole algae cells are washed, dried and milled.

We thoroughly screened for Algal Flour that meets our high standards, which includes using a Non-GMO variety of feedstock (corn) and exclusion of any synthetic solvents or isopropyl alcohol during processing. Our supplier of Algal Flour has been working to obtain its Non-GMO Project Verified status for Algal Flour, and are in the final stages of certification.

Allergies & Dietary Restrictions

Are your products allergen-free?

Our products are free of dairy (casein, whey and lactose), soy and gluten — 3 of the most common allergens. (Please note that some of our products may contain coconut and naturally occurring sulfites from garlic.) If there is something in particular you are allergic to, be sure to contact our team for more allergen information.

Does your product contain peanuts or tree nuts?

Our products do not contain peanuts and tree nuts (except for coconut). Some of our products (Cheezecakes and Yogurt) contain coconut cream and creamed coconut. We mention this because coconut is considered a tree nut in the US. Our products also contain coconut oil (a highly refined oil), yet no longer contain the allergenic protein component. Highly refined coconut oil is not considered an allergen.

Which of your products contain naturally occurring sulfites from garlic?

Daiya Pepperjack Shreds, Havarti Blocks, all Pizzas and the Alfredo Cheezy Mac contain naturally occurring sulfites from garlic.

Can I consume Daiya products if I’m allergic to dairy?

Our products are completely free of dairy (casein, whey and lactose). We have our own dedicated production facility except for Daiya pizzas, Cheezy Mac, Cheezecakes and dairy-free Dressings to eliminate any chances for cross-contamination. Our pizzas, Cheezy Mac, Cheezecakes and dairy-free Dressings are manufactured in another facility where we have an allergen program in place to prevent any cross contamination with dairy ingredients.

Can I consume Daiya products if I have celiac disease or an intolerance to gluten?

Our products are free from wheat, barley and oat. We only use ingredients with gluten-free statements from our suppliers, and we’re committed to a gluten-free environment in our manufacturing facilities. We test all of our products for gluten allergens prior to shipping. Our Pizzas, Cheezy Mac, Burritos and Cheezecakes are endorsed by the Celiac Sprue Association.

Do your products contain soy?

Our products are completely free of soy. We test all of our products for soy allergens prior to shipping.

Where can I get more information about food sensitivities and allergies?

For information about food sensitivities and allergies, feel free to explore the Daiya Difference section on our site.

Are Daiya products Kosher?

Our shreds, blocks, slices, cream cheese style spreads, Cheddar, Alfredo and White Cheddar Style Cheezy Macs and Coconut Cream Yogurt Alternatives are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union. Our Pizzas, Cheezecakes, Duets, Bac’n Cheddar Style Cheezy Mac and dairy-free Dressings are not certified kosher at this time. None of our products are kosher for Passover.

Freshness & Packaging

How long will the refrigerated Daiya products stay fresh?

Once opened, we recommend consuming our products within 7-10 days. Cheezecakes and Pizzas must be kept frozen at all times until ready to serve. Cheezy Mac can be stored in ambient temperature.

Can I freeze Daiya products?

Our Shreds can be frozen, but they shouldn’t be refrozen after they’ve been thawed. We don’t recommend freezing our Blocks, Slices, Cream Cheese Style Spreads, or Cheezy Mac as it can affect their texture.

Can I freeze Daiya dairy-free yogurt alternative?

Our dairy free yogurt alternative is crafted with the finest ingredients. We do not recommend storing the product under freezing condition because it would have a negative impact on its texture. The product may appear to be curdling with unsmooth appearance if frozen. While it does not impact food safety, it may not give you the best sensory experience!

How can I keep Daiya products fresh?

Our products should be stored in the refrigerator at all times. We recommend keeping the Shreds in a tightly sealed container or sealing the bag with an elastic or clip. Cheezecakes and Pizzas must be kept frozen at all times until ready to serve. Cheezy Mac and unopened dairy-free dressings can be stored in ambient temperature.

Are Daiya products safe to consume if they aren’t refrigerated?

We don’t recommend consuming our products if they’ve been left out of the refrigerator. Refrigeration is important because our products do not contain any preservatives. Cheezecakes and Pizzas must be kept frozen at all times until ready to serve. Cheezy Mac and unopened dairy-free dressings can be stored in ambient temperature.

Is Daiya packaging recyclable?

In choosing the packaging for our products we needed to consider many elements.  We heard from our consumers that keeping our products free of preservatives was very important to them.

Respecting this preference, we chose to ensure product freshness and safety through packaging that prevents oxygen from entering into the package. This allows us to maintain the freshness of the product without adding preservatives.  The packaging is the lowest gauge of plastic possible for this type of food product.

Though our plastic packaging is not currently recyclable, we partnered with a supplier who is focusing on reducing their environmental impact in all areas of business, including maximizing energy efficiency and waste recycling. We purchase our bags from within Canada to reduce the carbon footprint from transportation.

Having recyclable packaging is our ultimate and we are working hard to get there. We do small packaging runs and are always looking at all available options to ensure we are making the best choices for the environment and our customers.

Our Dressing bottles, Pizza, Cheezy Mac, and Cheezecake boxes are recyclable at this time.

General/Company Info

How do you pronounce Daiya?

Our name is pronounced Day-ah. We put together a video to help you learn how to say it.

What can I do if I’m unable to find Daiya products in a store near me?

If you’ve already checked the store locator on our website, and you can’t find a location nearby, click here for a product request form. Simply print out and bring your Daiya request to the manager of your favorite store.

Where are Daiya products distributed? What countries?

Daiya is now available in the UK, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland,  Bermuda, Trinidad and Tobago, Mexico, Hong Kong and Dominican Republic.

What products are you coming out with next?

We’re in the research and development process for many new product ideas. At this time, we can’t confirm what exciting products will come from Daiya next, but you can become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram for ongoing updates, information and promotions.

Who is Otsuka?

Otsuka is a company creating new products for better health worldwide. They are a total healthcare company, aiming to care for people’s overall health not only by treating illness, but also sustaining and improving day-to-day wellbeing.

Why did you partner with Otsuka?

We found a partner that aligns with us and to continue to build out the vision that we started.  They share our company goals of creating a global plant-based platform.  They have additional experience, knowledge and financial support that can help us share delicious plant-based and allergy friendly products to more people around the world.

How does Otsuka align with Daiya?

We are bringing together two leading companies committed to health and wellness, this acquisition will enable us to carry forward with our mission of bringing plant-based vegan foods to people around the world. We see this partnership as a big step forward to making plant-based food mainstream and ultimately creating a kinder world for people, the planet and animals.

What will change at Daiya?

We will remain an independently operated company under Otsuka. Our CEO, management and team members will stay the same, our headquarters will remain the same, and manufacturing in Vancouver will continue.

Should we expect any changes to ingredients?

We are always innovating and improving our products based on feedback from our customers, which sometimes does mean using new ingredients.  Our process will remain the same and any future decisions about ingredient changes will be consumer driven.

Is your position on non-GMO going to change?

We are committed to creating non-GMO products for the Daiya brand and any future decisions about ingredient changes will be a consumer driven decision.

What do the co-founders think of this?

Hear it from them here! https://youtu.be/9QH0VJ1CMjs

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