Dairy-Free Smoked Gouda Slices

Gouda vibes only, please. These dairy-free slices are more like dairy than ever before – all smooth texture, full of flavor, and delicious right out of the package. Try plant-based Smoked Gouda on a baguette with prosciutto and thank us later!

100% Plant-Based. Even If You're Not.

Why You’ll Love Our Slices

Melts Like Dairy
Dairy-free cheese that's perfectly melty, every time.
Made with Daiya Oat Cream™️ blend
Who knew oat had it in them? 100% plant-based, even if you're not.
Dreamy, Creamy & Delicious
Dairy-free cheese isn't a compromise - it's a craving.
Comfort Food Worthy
Let's face it: life's just better with cheese.

Free of These Common Allergens

Dairy Gluten

How to Enjoy Slices

Frequently Asked Questions

The slices can be eaten cold or melted and can be used in the same way as dairy cheese. They are perfect for jazzing up a sandwich or for melting on cheeseburgers.