Vegetable Crust Pizza

Mediterranean Vegetable Crust Pizza

Inspo: the shores of the Mediterranean. Flavors: fresh, savory, briney, cheesy. You've got a deliciously crisp gluten-free, veggie-packed crust, topped with our tomato herb sauce and a generous smothering of dairy-free mozzarella and feta. Bon voyage!

100% Plant-Based. Even If You're Not.

Why You’ll Love Our Pizza

Irresistible Plant-Based Toppings
Delicious toppings are non-negotiable around here.
Deliciously Crispy Crust
Came for the dairy-free cheese, stayed for the crispy crust.

Free of These Common Allergens

Dairy Gluten

How to Enjoy Pizza

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not recommend cooking our pizzas in the microwave. Our pizzas are best cooked in the oven.