Gluten-Free Pizza

BBQ Chick’n Style Pizza

Like a backyard BBQ meets a pizza party. This smoky, savory pizza is packed with flavor from BBQ sauce, pulled plant-based chick’n style shreds, fire-roasted tomato, red onion, and parsley. And of course, it’s topped with gooey dairy-free mozzarella. Grab your folding chair – everyone’s invited.

100% Plant-Based. Even If You're Not.

Why You’ll Love Our Pizza

Irresistible Plant-Based Toppings
Delicious toppings are non-negotiable around here.
Deliciously Crispy Crust
Came for the dairy-free cheese, stayed for the crispy crust.

Free of These Common Allergens

Dairy Gluten Soy

How to Enjoy Pizza

Frequently Asked Questions

Because each oven cooks differently, it’s important to keep an eye on the pizza the first time baking it in your oven. If the crust is too hard for your preference, we recommend lowering the baking temperature by 50 degrees F and try cooking on a baking sheet instead of directly on the rack.